Our Farm

The Tree to Me farm was started in the spring of 2009 to support the market vision and agri-tourism elements of Tree to Me.  It was started by two guys who had more passion for what they wanted than knowledge about how to get there.  Over the following years we have grown a lot of weeds and harvested plenty of rocks.  However, we have also produced some of the finest tasting strawberries, tomatoes, melons and peaches we have ever had.  Our passion was and remains to grow and harvest the finest tasting product possible and to deliver it to the consumer in a timely manner.

Tree Fruits

Our approach to farming tree fruits changed the day that we sat down with a sage old farmer who had this to say:  (paraphrase)  When growing tree fruits, there are only two things you need to worry about;  tree health and fruit quality.  Never before had we met someone who started a conversation with these topics.  He then proceeded to educate us on how good tree health and exceptional fruit quality.  We are only a couple of years into trying to implement these systems, but we have already experienced tangible results with our peaches and are looking forward to more!

We favour a system where the tree is allowed to have a strong centre lead and side branches.  This looks much like the ideal Christmas tree.  The centre lead is maintained annually to keep the tree from getting too tall.  This system allows us to avoid cutting the  fruit bearing branches in half, a technique common to many growers.  With the fruit bearing branches intact, the tree is healthier and produces richer tasting fruit.  We like to compare a branch to a person’s arm.  Half an arm may still function, somewhat, but it is not nearly as good as a whole arm!  Peach trees are the same way.
When driving by apple orchards planted in the last 20 years or so, it is very common to find trees that are either supported by posts or post and wire systems.  These systems were developed to allow growers to grow “dwarf” trees that pickers could pick from the ground.  Smaller trees also meant more sunlight for the apples and higher yields per acre.  This is the very system we implemented when we first started our farm.  Then our friend got us to look at apples from a different perspective.  He asked,  “Why would you want to grow a tree that cannot stand up by itself?” We are in the process of starting new trees that will be able to stand up by themselves and expect to be experiencing the fruits of our labour 2-3 years down the line.


Although we have a large farm with considerable space, we have opted to follow the market gardentechniques re-introduced to North America by the likes of Elliot Coleman and further developed by Canadian growers such as Jean-Martin Fortier.  The basic principles that guide market gardeningare small scale intensive plots and minimal use of energy inputs.  As of the fall of 2014, our product inventory includes asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, melons, squash, pumpkins, carrots and salad greens.  In the ensuing months and years we anticipate having an even more highly diversified selection of annual vegetables grown over an extended season.

Farm Summary

At Tree to Me we are proud to be a part of British Columbias agricultural community.  In the Similkameen Valley in particular, there are so many young farmers with an earnest desire to farm responsibly and improve upon the status quo.  We believe healthy farming relates to healthy eating which relates to healthy living.  We look forward to meeting you at some point along our journey.